Thursday, April 8, 2010

Setting Myself Up For Failure

Do you ever do that with food? I do. All the time. Like, why I ever let myself stroll down the ice cream/candy aisle at the grocery store when I've got my period is beyond me—there is no self-control happening during those hormone-filled five days.

Well, last night I did it again. I put myself head to head with temptation and LOST. Miserably. My boyfriend and I both were in the mood for salads for dinner, but instead of making one at home or hitting up Whole Foods, we started brainstorming all the restaurants we liked that had yummy salads. I suggested Spring Street Natural in Soho so we could "sit outside," but deep down I knew that dining in nice weather wasn't what I was really after. 

I wanted this beast: a taco salad with all the fixins. It's my favorite. It's always a crapshoot as to whether or not I will eat half and take the rest home like a civilized person OR scarf down the entire thing in ten minutes flat. Last night, I did the latter. 

How good does this look? It was just too easy to pop these "salad chips" into my mouth, one after the other. Before I knew it, I only had a few chips left on the plate! Seriously. How gross am I? No one needs that much food. All day long I've been trying to guesstimate just how many calories were in that salad. What do you think? It contained: brown rice, black beans, loads of chicken, tomatoes, tortilla chips and onions. I got the cheese, guac and sour cream on the side, which I had very little of, but still

I was feeling pretty full, but as we walked past Pinkberry, I made a joke about needing to "cleanse my palette," and in we went. I got a small chocolate with strawberries, yogurt chips and granola. Eh, it looks prettier than it tastes—I didn't need it, or even want it that much. It just seemed like a "fun" thing to do at the time. Oh, but I did eat it all. Yes, sirrr! 

On our walk home, I felt bloated and full. It wasn't sexy. I knew I was going to pig out if I went to that restaurant, yet I did it anyway. Ohh well, I'm officially putting it behind me now. What about you: Do you ever set yourself up to fail when it comes to food?


  1. Don't beat yourself up pretty lady! It happens! I can not control myself around cereal and I know this. But sometimes I wander down the cereal aisle and I think I will buy this box and I will totally be able to stop at 1 bowl and then usually 3/4 of a box later I am so angry because I KNEW it would happen! day maybe I will learn!

  2. oh i have definitely set myself up for such failures. case in point, this morning i broke my NO MCDONALDS food and had a mcgriddle. i'm also about to head to the bar...rosemary garlic fries. but its been a WEEK! and i want a drink and greasy food.

  3. omg...alllll WEEK I have been doing this...thank you period. Today it was "I'll eat my lunch early because I'm starving, and then I'll just go for a walk later". When my actual lunch break came, I was like, "I'll go to the cafeteria and get a small plate of salad greens to top up" and walked out with a cookie, a turnover, and an iced tea. Yeahhhh I'm awesome.

  4. Elle... seriously, you may have eaten alot, but that food was still on the healthy side of splurges!

    I totally understand the splurge, I have done way too much of it this week. I gave up fake food for lent (ie. processed food, additives, preservatives)... so pretty much everything! The first thing I did on Easter morning was drive through a Whataburger (Texas fast food burger place) to get myself a breakfast taquito. It was TO DIE FOR. Don't worry, I didn't get my usual one, I got two! Man did I want to barf afterward!

  5. Sometimes I eat Red Mango for dinner. I can't help it. I'm obsessed!

  6. Oh my word! That strawberry dessert looks soooo delightful!!! Good on the lips...bad on the hips! Ha!

  7. That taco salad has me drooling. It's lunch time here on the west coast! Yum!

  8. ALL the time! Especially during those 5 or 6 days! OR if I drank too much the night before...OR if I'm hanging out with my sister...we are the WORST influences on each other. All I'm gonna say about that is this: The two of us had a weekend a few weeks back. Basically it was a "food tour" that started with buffalo wings and ended with oreo cakesters. gross. =)

  9. MHP, I am the same way with cereal! It's just too easy to put a little more, and then a little more into your bowl. There are certain cereals I know I just cannot get anymore because it will be gone in two days!

    Ohh I've never had a McGriddle, Nadette. Are they good? Just say no. If I haven't had one yet, it's probably not the time to start!

    Kim, I eat my lunch early all the time! And it's just because I want to eat something. I hate when I do that because when it's actually lunch time, I want to eat again. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.

    Yeah, Aim, I know it wasn't THAT bad, but I just felt gross, ya know? I was just eating for the hell of it and that's the worst feeling. Ohhh well. Whataburger sounds a lot like heaven :)

    Ohh I've never tried Red Mango, Elizabeth. How does it stack up to all the other froyo places? It is froyo, right?? I've walked by it, but have yet to try it..

    Haha, Aly, SERIOUSLY!

    Tell me more about those oreo cakesters, Beth! What are they and WHERE do you get them?!

  10. I have been to Spring Street Natural a bunch of times - and that salad is FAB but wayyy too big. Anyway, yes, I'm human and therefore I have made many mistakes such as these! :) It happens to all of us from time to time. Just gotta remember tomorrow's another day to start fresh and try to not make the same mistakes we've made previously. Let's make a date and go to Spring Natural and split that salad, k? :)

  11. CGG, I totally want to go on a date with you! We've got the place, just name the day ;) Um, I'm serious. I think we just asked each other out. Hottt.