Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Typical Manhattan Morning

Yesterday Liza and I left the apartment at the same time to go to work. She was off to her career-job and I was headed to Brooklyn for my job-job, but I was just happy to be going SOMEWHERE. We were chatting and as I was blabbing away, I noticed she was answering all my questions with "Uh huh..yeah." And then I looked over to see her typing away on her Blackberry! Figures. Everyone has a Blackberry. Except me. I told myself I wouldn't get one until 1. I could afford it. 2. I truly needed it. There are times when I'm away from my computer for more than an hour that I start to get really antsy about not being able to check my email, but I'm not at the can't-live-without-it point yet. 

And how cute is Liza?! I ran ahead of her so I could catch her in the moment. She didn't realize what was happening until after I snapped the pic—too late! And in case anyone's wondering, she's wearing:

Jacket: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Jeans: Sevens
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Belt: From our mom's closet
Ankle booties: Miu Miu (Sad you can't see them)

And then I popped into Starbucks and we parted ways. I know I need to kick my caffeine habit, but I allow myself to have it every time I'm going to work in the morning because it makes me so gosh darn happy. Sadly though, I've recently had to ditch my beloved lattes for just regular coffee because it's half the price. Sad, indeed. 

And when I hopped onto the subway, I saw this cool cat:


That is some subway SWAGGER, y'all! Lean with it, rock with it. Too bad that chick had to interrupt the performance just as I was getting into it. And don't you love how no one else seems to be phased by this? Yup, just a typical morning in NYC!

Tell me: What are your mornings usually like? Do you ever run into any interesting characters? Does the coffee/bagel/muffin guy know you by name? 


  1. I wish we had a subway...they look like excellent people watching.

    Let's see, I generally am up at 4:30 AM to workout so I get to see darkness and very committed gym goers!

    LOVE Liza's look:)

  2. Liza's look is amazing. I love that jacket.

    Yeah, the coffee guy knows my name and my order. It's glorious. Glorious,except for the hole the caffeine has eaten in my stomach lining.

  3. liza! i am totally jealous of both your styles!

    as much as i hate commuting, it does make for some interesting stories. the best being that one time i couldn't help but giggling at this older woman who was freaking out that someone brought a coffee onto the bus and she got upset with and called me a HORROR! and then said it was people like me who ruined the economy.

    ellen-have you ever ordered a misto? it's just like a latte in that it has steamed milk and foam, but it's made with coffee rather than espresso. and it's maybe almost a dollar less than a latte?

  4. That is one thing I miss about NYC -- subway mornings. I love Chitown, but driving to work listening to morning radio is so not as interesting as subway people watching. As for my morning coffee, it is in fact a mornign Diet Coke. Which is so much worse, so you should feel proud of yourself that at least you're not addicted to aspartame. At work, the vending machine guy ACTUALLY knows me. At my rehearsal dinner my DC addiction was a point of discussion. It's not pretty.

    Rachel @ MWF Seeking BFF

  5. It is probably really good that I don't live in NY because I would get kicked out for my fashion sense! haha! You always looks fabulous and so do your friends! Maybe one day when I get rich I can hire you to make me look good! haha!

  6. I love Liza's jacket too! Are you ladies twins? (I know you are one of a triplet but can't recollect if Liza is one of the three).

    I live in San Diego and my workplace is a 15 drive drive from home. So I don't run into anybody. EVER. Sometimes I think it'd bve really cool to have a subway commute.

  7. LOVE the outfit. Liza looks fab.

    And our morning routine is pretty consistent. I am not a coffee drinker so no coffee stop for me but protein shake? Every day. LOL>

  8. Liza isn't able to comment at the moment, guys, but she says a big THANK YOU for all the blog love today :)

  9. Oh and yes, Footloose, she is part of the TRIPLE THREAT!!!

  10. lol, this why I love NYC! i haven't been since october--way too long! my morning routine includes over sleeping, walkin the poodle, watching the west wing while getting dressed and dragging the poodle from under the dining room table to put him in his crate (little bastard runs when he see me put my shoes on). I live in baltimore, so characters are EVERYWHERE, but most frequently i'm harrased my the garbage men shouting Lord knows what at me from their trucks (embarrasing!). The starbucks people should know me by drink, "starbucks two pump double shot on ice, easy on the milk" (which by the way, is less than $3.00 for a grande and is basically an iced latte for the price of a coffee) but they don't. I work and live in the same neighborhood, so i always see this onoe barista who happens to be the doppleganger of this girl i danced with in college , so i always want to say "Hey, Paulina!" when i see her but i don't. I even saw her in victoria's secret in the mall last week--maybe I should find out her name and say hi, because its just getting kind of awkward now...

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