Monday, April 26, 2010

The FnF Club: "I got fired from Hardee's!"

Sometimes I feel like the ONLY person in the world who has been fired from a job, so I'm making it my personal mission to find as many people as possible who have also received the pink slip. Check out my hairdresser, Ron's, story below!

Ok, so I know I said in this post that I hate when people exploit their gay friends, but I just couldn't resist. Ron is so funny, and I love how he used his unemployment to help pay for beauty school. Fab, indeed! And umm, hello biceps! I think we all needed a little Monday morning eye candy ;)

Tell me: What do you think of this story? What jobs did you have as a teen? I'm sure it won't surprise you to know that my first job was at an ice cream shop! And I'd love to hear YOUR Fired to Fab story! Shoot me an email and I'll make you an honorary member of the FnF club and feature you on the blog!


  1. My first job was at The Gap! I made zero money because I blew every paycheck on clothes! haha! But with a 50% discount...sheesh I don't have that kind of self control!

  2. I've only been fired from one place in my life. It was an under the table job at a kennel. His reason was that I wasn't "excited enough about it". Dude, I have been scooping up buckets of shit every weekend and summer for three years, what kind of excitement were you looking for? Part of the job was mowing a large orchard. I did like that part, riding a lawn mower for a few hours was pretty relaxing. Plus, I could reach up and grab an apple during the ride if I felt like snacking:)

  3. I got fired from shoprite when I was 16 over some serious bullshit. Long story short, after they fired me, and then asked if there was anything i'd like to say, i proceeded to tell the managers how much they sucked, and that the moral of the story is that i was a teenager working at the grocery store, and they were grown men working at the grocery store. suck on that, kevin!

    btw, i was TOTALLY checking out Ron's biceps. dammmn shame he's on the other team.

  4. Great story ! Ron lookes really cool :)

    XOXO, C.

  5. I was also staring at Ron's biceps haha. They're nice!

    I was seasonal Christmas retail at a bookstore, and they said most people ended up getting asked to stay on part-time after the holiday. Long story short, I was 18, freshly moved out of home, taking a full laboratory course load in university, working with air cadets twice a week, and lost two close relatives within two weeks while I worked there, and I was not asked to return. They just never called me again! I don't even think I got a record of employment from them.

  6. Haha, MHP, I'd totally have that problem, too! So you didn't get a clothing allowance??

    G-Dub, that is hilarious. I mean, what IS wrong with you? Not being excited about shoveling shit? C'mon, man! Kiddding.

    Yeah, suck it, Kevin! haha. I came so close to giving the guy who fired me a piece of my mind, but I was 28 when it happened, so I guess you have more to lose at that age when you've established a career. But stilll, it would have been nice. And yes, it is a damn shame Ron is on the other team.

    Thanks, C :)

    Well, Kim, at least you weren't technically FIRED. Ya know? Sounds like you had a lot going on during that time anyway!

  7. RON was funny in this! I love that he quickly shut the door so that noone heard him!

  8. Hello Ellen,reading your blog brings back a memory of my very first job as a sales lady at Cinderella, Inc. Im not sure if you've heard of it...anyways...I fired myself... :P ...cuz I couldn't bear to stand 8 hours a day everyday for two months. I remember myself going upstairs inside the stock room just to rest my feet up...then I realized i wasn't being fair with the management since they are paying me fair and square.Then I went back to school to have a college diploma. :)

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