Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Things I Hate

Well, these are all things he hates, but I agree with 80 percent of them. (Minus the birds and Chatroulette comments.)

Ok, so I have something to add to the list. I HATE when people think they're cool just because they have a gay friend. Who doesn't? They'll talk loudly to anyone within earshot about how crazy/hilarious/stylish and GAY their friend is. It's like, Ok, I get it. You have a gay friend. Does this person have a name? Stop exploiting someone's sexuality for your own gain, loser.

Do you agree with any of these points? What would you add to the list? Ohh and if you missed my rant on Things That Should Be Illegal, check it out here!


  1. I love this. I agree with almost everything. A couple on the same side of the table is one of my biggest peeves! I think my favorite rant is about the DVD cover though, which I have thought before. Oh, and the clapping during an arguement.."This isn't fucking broadway!"

  2. This.....made my day. I had a bad day, and this made me laugh my tears out. I agree with pretty much all of it. Nice find. I love the one about the birds being up early.

  3. Hahahaha...I want to hang out with this guy. I hate birds, so that part was my favorite. And the part about the blinker -- "as though it's not THE LAW."

  4. you can put this guys video on my list of things that i hate.

  5. The video isn't working for me, grrr for the internet cutting out, but I do agree with your dislike of people exploiting their gay best friends. I don't feel the need to say "my straight friend John..." so why must one say "my gay friend Jay..." it doesn't define who they are.

  6. People not paying attention! YES!
    At least admit, "I am sorry. I already forgot what you just said. Where will we meet?"


  7. oh my word!!! this video and everyone's comments just MADE my morning!! like kara, i HATE birds. not so much the singing and being up early, but the flying at my face on purpose and always trying to poop on me. this kid is hysterical!

    interrupting has got to be one of my biggest pet peeves, but i do it all the time-mostly because i am worried that i am so old i am going to forget what i was going to say....but i usually try to catch myself and apologize.

    actually, now that i think about it, i dislike a LOT of things. maybe we should make our own video!

  8. but then we can make a video about everything we love too. this blog would be on my list!

  9. things i hate: my job. the entire fiscal and procurement department at my job. the fact that i spend 90% of my working time on fiscal shit--i have a master's in health fucking promotion, not fiscal routing sheets. baltimore. this economy. rush limbaugh. baltimorons. plucking the hair out of poodle's ears. grocery shopping. squirrels. 75% of what this guy in the video said. i actually don't know anybody who brags about their gay friend--maybe that's a NYC thing--but i would hate that too. i dont hate birds, but i agree. shut the fuck up and go back to you're tree, LMAO. i could on, but i won't. this video was hilarious. thanks for that. its been a day. oh wait i have one more thing i hate. GUYS who want to text message you exclusively. texting is for work time and short convos. pick up your motherfuckin phone and talk jackass.
    now i'm done.

  10. Yes, George, I HATE when couples sit on the same side at the table. Hate hate HATE. Obnoxious.

    Kim, glad this brought laughter to your day :) Both you and Kara are bird hater raters, huh? I hate on many things...birds are not one of them.

    Yeah, Flip, I went back and forth about whether or not I loved or hated the vid. In the end, I ended up liking it. If only for the "motherfucking milk" part.

    I KNOW Seattle Kim. So annoying. I wonder if gay people realize when their friends do this? I'm going to ask some of my friends.

    Yes, MA, let's make our own vid!!! Only, it will be better. Obvi.

    Amen, Nadette! I think YOU need to make one of these vids. I would blow it up on YouTube :) And yes, I think every girl would agree about the texting. Lame.

  11. oh ellen, if i made a video like this some how some way my mom would see it, and she would be appalled at the amount of profanity. but i have been contemplating a "things i hate" blog post. i'm sure that will happen.

  12. Bahahaha.. I love this clip...I think i just pee my pants!!!