Saturday, April 3, 2010

What changes have you made in your diet recently?

I didn't give up chocolate or candy for Lent like some of my friends did (I mean, c'mon), but I recently decided to try to reduce my sugar intake. I looked at the ingredients on the loaf of whole wheat bread I just bought and saw that sugar was like the third one on the list! Scar-y. Picking out bread just stresses me out--I never know which one is the healthiest, even after studying each kind. Do you go for the one with more fiber, but more sugar? Or less sugar, but also less fiber? I don't know!

So I decided to start with a change I could make easily: oatmeal. My beloved oatmeal. I used to get the packaged flavor kind: apple cinnamon, banana bread, maple syrup. Yum, yes. Healthy? No. I let words like "low sugar" and "weight control" fool me. My body doesn't need those artificial sugars! Now I just get a big jug of the plain Quaker Oats (it's cheaper too!) and add in cinnamon, skim milk and a banana. It's obviously not as sweet, but I love the clean, fresh feeling I get after eating it!

So, this is a step in the right direction. I'm also forever trying to control my Diet Coke intake. I want to be one of those people who thinks it's disgusting to put so many chemicals into my body, but...I'm not. Not really. Sometimes nothing tastes as good as an ice cold DC! Ahhh. But remember, I also recently made a healthier switch in froyo. Remember when I wrote about The Lite Choice here? Mmm. I want some. Now.

An.y.way. Have you made any changes in your diet recently? How do you try to cut back on sugar?


  1. I started eating Fiber One cereal instead of my usual "kiddie cereal" culprits. I'm also trying to trade water for juice. When I do drink juice, I go for all natural, stuff loaded with antioxidants, low/no sugra, and no high fructose corn syrup.

  2. It's so funny because I too have been eating the plain oatmeal with my own fruit flavourings lately. I like it a lot. Sometimes I cave in for some brown sugar on there instead, for a treat.

    I'm also trying to curb my legendary Diet Pepsi intake. I'm a soda freak but I only drink diet and now I'm all confused as to which is worse for me - the chemicals in the diet version or the sugar in the regular.:) What a quandry.

    At least up here we have less flavourings in food. When I lived in the States I had the worst time finding regular foods that didn't have corn syrup in them. Why does bread need corn syrup in it? I don't get it at all! I'd have to buy bread from health food stores to get it without. Crazy!

  3. I have really started trying to get more fruits in my diet. I am a great veggie eater but a horrible fruit eater! Honestly...I am not doing so well.

  4. Two years ago I cut out (almost) all processed sugar, dairy and gluten. Goodby Sprinkles Cupcakes.

    Now It's amazing how sweet Strawberries or the darkest dark chocolate (Trader Joe's used to have some that weren't sweetened) can taste.

    It takes about a week of withdrawals, but after that, even the thought of a Diet Coke will make you feel like your teeth are rotting.

  5. hahaha i get really stressed out picking out bread too!! also english muffins. it's like, i want the high fiber ones, but not the super high calorie ones, and i DON'T want them to have artificial sweetener... like why do extra-fiber english muffins need sucralose when regular muffins don't?! i don't even understand! TOO MANY OPTIONS!!!

    and i'm really bad about eating a ton of sugar. i just try to avoid having cookies around the house because if i do i will literally eat one box in two days. i AM one of those people who is grossed out by drinking a lot of soda, though :) so i don't really drink it... although there are definitely occasions when an ice cold dr pepper really hits the spot.

  6. I try to eat more organic and like yourself, cut down on sugar. I use raw sugar in coffee and tea and, even more so, am trying to eliminate high fructose corn syrup wherever I can!

  7. Oh girl--GHC and I have oatmeal for breakfast everyday. We use the standard oats and add lots of goodies: a little natural peanut butter (no sugar), dried fruit, slivered almonds and a banana. That plus a grapefruit--the perfect way to start your day!!!!

  8. Hi, I just found your blog. I think it's really quirky and great! You do seem to be running a pretty fab life. XD

    I'm a victim of those flavored oatmeals as well. I don't say no to them if they're around, but I agree that having them plain is great. Also it leaves room for creativity in the morning!

  9. Heyo! Two books you might want to pick up are the Sugar Solution (which is mainly for people with diabetes but helps anyone learn about hidden sugars, what to look for in foods, etc) and Eat This, Not That SuperMarket Edition.
    No joke, it's awesome because it gives you the top three things in a category and the bottom three so you can compare. He also tells you what fruits and veggies are in season and how to navigate the supermarket (hint, stay to the outer edges and if you do go into the aisles hit the top and bottom shelves for healthier fare).
    I cut out bread for Lent and don't think I will be stocking it in my apt at all anymore. Probably just look at it as a treat when I go out!

  10. i'm seriously trying to add more vegetation to my diet overall. this year's lent has been a trying/learning experience--i gave up juice, pork, and red meat--and dropped another 5 pounds i didn't want to lose. BUT because of the limited meat choices i found myself grazing on greens, and adding them to EVERYTHING like spinach to my eggs and broccoli on my pizza. while i will NEVER eliminate pork or beef entirely from my diet, i'm going to keep up with my reduced intake of them. i've also reduced my sugar intake, but that's also been a LONG process. but way to go on your new habits! and keep up the fight with diet coke--(i'm a d.c. hater) your body will thank you :)