Friday, April 30, 2010

Photo Shoot Friday: Fancy Party, Fancy People

Last night I did my first super-duper A-list reporting gig! The event was an intimate gala celebrating Chopard's 150th anniversary. (Which is a jewelry company for anyone who may not know. I didn't!) You know from this post that I've talked to a celebrity or two in my day, but never have I ever laid eyes on Gwyneth, Kate, Claire or Christina—WHAT?! 

Before the event I hung out with all the paparazzo. They all seemed to know each other well and even worked together on figuring out what angles would be best to shoot. There was quite the argument about which way the wind was blowing—they take their job seriously! A few of them looked at me funny for snapping this pic, but I didn't care. I guess they're not used to being on the other side of the camera!

Out of all the A-listers there, Christina Ricci was the only one who stopped to talk to reporters. She was ridiculously nice and her waistline is about the size of my pinky finger. 

I tried to ask Kate a question, but got totally SHUT DOWN by a publicist. It sucked, and I was disappointed, especially because I had envisioned us talking and laughing like old girlfriends. Silly, I know. But damn, look how gorgeous she is! 

I was so focused on trying—trying being the operative word—to talk to Gwyneth Paltrow, that I didn't get a chance to snap her pic. Nor would I dare. She is the last person I'd want to piss off! Although, I will say that she was more social than anyone else and seemed very nice. And of course she was off the charts beautiful and skinny and just all-around perfect! 

The gala was held at The Frick Collection. It was super-fancy, and when I wiggled my way back into the party, I instantly regretted my black jeans and blazer outfit choice. After hanging around for a while and getting denied a few times to talk to Claire Danes, I called it quits. I should have stuck around to enjoy the appetizers and bubbly, but I was feeling a little too disheartened to really enjoy it. Ohh well, at least I didn't go down without a fight!

It certainly was an experience. At the time, I wasn't freaking out about seeing these A-listers, but it's just now hitting me. I had an OMFG moment just thinking about it this morning! 

Tell me: If you were at a fancy party, what fancy people would you want to see there?


  1. THat's so cool!!! I would've loved to go to a fancy party with big stars like that. I think I'd be too chicken to go up and talk tot hem though :/

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    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  2. Looked like a lovely gala ! Great pictures !

    XOXO, C.

  3. Ok I'm so excited to hear that Ms. Paltrow was chatty and social. She is my big celeb crush, I agree she's pretty much perfect. Clothes, hair, all always stunning.

  4. I wouldn't have the nerve to go up to anyone at a fancy gala. However, on my own turf (like a local place) I would. About 20 years ago when Robert Plant walked into our local pub after a show (which I'd seen & heard), I definitely wanted contact. Oddly, and surprisingly, I wanted to touch him, just brush his hand, but his bodyguard nixed that. I didn't think I was being obvious... I did get his autograph on my ticket stub, which was cool. I thought I'd thrown it away but found it just this week.

    I'd be so self conscious at a fancy party with all of those beautiful people. I have an artist friend, though, who drags me to occasional beautiful people events when I visit, and I always have a great time.