Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mental Health Day—Chocolate, anyone?

For those who celebrate the holiday, Happy Easter! For those who don't, I hope you still found plenty of excuses to stuff your face with chocolate. You know I did.

I've been more stressed/confused/emotional/exhausted than ever lately, and per advice from my good buddy Kim, I decided to take a mental health day today. To me, this means: 

1. Not crossing anything off my T0-Do list, without feeling guilty about it.
2. Watching America's Best Dance Crew for two hours straight. (Poreotix, WHAT?!)
3. Not returning/writing a single email.
4. Keeping Facebook stalking and updating to a minimum.

Tell me: When's the last time you took a mental health day? What did (or didn't) you do?


  1. oy - i take wayyy too many mental health days. it ain't good! today was my i'm-hungover-and-cranky-and-confused-in-life mental health day. this involves not working out/ running, eating lots of dairy and other rich foods, and vegging out. we all need those days, right? :)

  2. Hmmm...good question. I have tremendous Catholic guilt, although I don't attend church, and being out-of-work makes me a bundle of nerves. It sucks.

    I may take a mental health day this week and unplug from technology and job boards.

  3. hmm i'm pretty sure one of the last weekends i spent vegging out (mostly out of despair) doesn't count as a mental hoilday. i'm just too stressed to take one right now, i need a new job!