Monday, June 7, 2010

Jobs that pay the bills vs. Jobs you're passionate about

The jobs I do only for the sake of having money to pay rent and bills are: My PT-job, babysitting, fashion closet biotch, styling assistant biotch and odd jobs like this. Sometimes the fashion work enters into the jobs-I-enjoy category because it gives me the opportunity to network and meet interesting people, which of course is always a bonus.

The two jobs I'm most passionate about are reporting (celebs, real-life people, experts, anyone) and blogging. I get paid for all of my reporting jobs, so if I could just get more consistent work, I'd be good to GO. But as we know, I don't get paid to blog, which for now is fine because I truly do love it. I'm not going to lose hope (at least not yet!) that one day I will make a little cheese blogging, whether it's for myself or another publication. I just love how it allows me to write in a personal, informal voice--it really gives me a unique sense of satisfaction. Honestly, I never thought I'd like blogging this much when I first started--now I'm addicted!

But when do I just cut the bullshit and start getting REAL? Sure, doing work that adds color to your life is important, but sometimes I wonder if what I'm chasing after is even worth it. Should I focus less on the dream and more on finding a FT j-o-b? I just don't know.

And isn't it interesting that people seem to be more obsessed than ever to find a job they are passionate about? What happened to just putting your nose down and working hard at something? I guess it's people like ME who have totally messed up that idea!

Tell me: What are your thoughts on this subject--Is finding a job you love overrated? Are you passionate about your work?


  1. 人並不是生來要吃敗仗的。人可被毀滅,但不可被擊倒。..................................................

  2. Ugh story of my life! I was pre-med with all plans on going to Physical Therapy school and I switched to journalism. Now, I'm 25 and am still in school and just trecking away! I love blogging and writing. Getting a "real job" is such a pull though! Being broke and "creative" in NYC gets old sometimes ;/

  3. I won't be able to have the job I have for a LONG TIME. Unfortunately I'm in a "pays the bills" sitch right now. (Don't take the work home, don't take the work home, don't take the work home...)

  4. take it from me Ellen, I HATE my job, FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!! the problem with putting your nose to the grinding stone just for a paycheck is that its unfulfilling. think about HOW much time we spend at work, espcially in american culture. do you really really want to spend 70% of your adult life doing something that does nothing for your spirit? NO! you don't or you'll end up like the crazy guy at my job who i like to call "crazy asian guy". he's the most miserable person i've ever met in my life. and i do not want to end up like him, so 13 months into my my "i need a new new job before i lose it" search, i refuse to give up. if the thought ever crosses my mind, i just have to stop and listen to "crazy" in the cubicle next to mine, angrily punching his keyboard in the face with every keystroke. seriously, i didn't know it was possible to type angrily. smh

  5. What about when you don't really have a passion? Haha that sounds sad but it's true. I'm still in college but I have no idea where I'm going or where I want to be. I'm just indifferent to it all.

    All my friends have everything lined up, internships in specific areas, the grad school they want to go to... I just kinda float around. They'll probably end up as CEOs and I'll be a homeless bum hahaha.

  6. Having a job that just paid the bills worked for me for a bit, while I had other things going on in my life that I was passionate about. But once those things came to an end, AND I was in a job that was purely about the paycheck, then I just wanted to shoot myself. I think there's much to be said for having a job you absolutely love, because even though it will still feel like work sometimes, you'll actively want to do it. I know the feeling of getting up in the morning and wanting to gauge my eyes out rather than go into the office, and it's no fun. Work is work, but work that you love at least feels fulfilling at the end of the day.

  7. @Nadette amen and amen

    Strive to get a career (not job) that you are passionate about. Unfortunately, en route to that career you may have to do a few jobs that you despise to pay the bills and help you reach your ultimate goal.

    But NEVER lose sight of your dreams