Sunday, June 6, 2010

NYC Marketing Tactics at Its Finest

Friday night my bf and I planned to try a new Mexican restaurant on the Lower East Side, Casa Mezcal, but since they aren't serving their full dinner menu until later in the month, we decided to wait and go somewhere else. (Sidenote: There are enough Mexican restaurants on the LES as it is. Someone should open a new Italian restaurant in that 'hood and see what happens. Money maker fo' sho'!)

So we strolled around and came across Los Feliz, the place I had my 29th b-day party :) This was the last time I had eaten there, and even though I was so-so about the ceviche, we decided to give it another try.

This sign was the deciding factor--it definitely got my attention! I hadn't had anything to eat since lunch (I usually always have a late afternoon snack), so I totally chowed down on the chips and guac--it was so yummy. Thank goodness the entrees were small!

I got the chicken quesadillas. Purty, huh?

Bf got the chorizo con rajas tacos. I don't know what that green/orange concoction is. I'm surprised he didn't try it actually--he's much more adventurous with food than I am!

And when we left, I noticed the other side of the sign. Nice. The next time Dina Lohan gives me the "Everyone's picking on Lindsay/She just wants to work" speech (and she has), I will laugh in her face. Oh fine, no I won't. I'll probably just get her talking about dating and STDs again.

Isn't it funny how a simple as a sign can make you want to try something? (Ohh and remember
this one I saw in Chinatown?!) Have you ever tried a restaurant or bought something totally random based on the marketing/advertising for it?


  1. Love the Mr. T sign. And the food looks quite good. We have a store in Halifax called Th Freak Lunchbox...sells candy that you can't get anywhere else and all kinds of saucy, in-your-face kitsch. I bought my mom a Jesus Action Figure (not really religious, more of a funny thing for us) because it was too funny and marketed just like a GI Joe or something. Loves the random marketing. I also loved the whole "Diamond Shreddies" marketing from a couple years ago.

  2. I love random Marketing as well, I buy tons of things due to marketing ! That food looks Great !

  3. Haha!! I love both those signs! So funny!!! :)

    I am heading to NYC in a few weeks...I can not wait! I love all the wonderful places to eat at and of course...the fabulous shopping!

  4. Aly, if you need any bar/restaurant recs, you know who to ask ;)