Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Are you a good wingwoman? (or man)

I've always considered myself to be an excellent wingwoman—up for anything (especially the unnecessary ONE more drink at 4am), and I always follow girl code. If a friend calls "dibs" on a guy, not only will I back off, but I will think of a clever way to get the two of them talking. (Well, that was more pertinent to my single days.) But, over Memorial Day weekend, I was the worst wingwoman EVER. Most of the girls in our group were single, so I wanted to prove that I could hang with 'em and be the life of the party just as I typically am—er—used to be. 

Saturday night we went to a fun seafood restaurant, The Boathouse, in East Hampton. And even though I was feeling quite boozy before I ate, I was stone cold sober after dinner was over. (I blame it on the bread basket and two huge pieces of cheesecake our waiter gave us for FREE.) Even so, I was bound and determined to snap with it and get my party on! Or not. Ten minutes into our car ride home, I fell asleep. Once we got back to our house, I pepped up just enough to eat a s'mores (or three) and went to bed. LAME. I'll save you the long, boring story, but Sunday night was much of the same. I feel asleep AT.THE.BAR. in the middle of a drinking game. Yeah, I can't wait to see those pics! (Girls, don't think I'm naive enough not to know that you pounced on that photo op!)

Friends, this is my formal apology. I swear never to be such a lame wingwoman ever again. Next time I'm out, I'm totally going to be Cameron Diaz in The Sweetest Thing. (Love that movie—I also referenced it here.) Well, she ends up falling in love with the dude she tries to hook Selma Blair up with, but that's besides the point. She's super-fun and her intentions were good. 

And even though Dumb and Dumber is one of my all-time favorite movies, I don't know if I'd want Harry or Lloyd to be my wingman if I was a dude. They are hilarious as hell, but both screw each other over royally for a girl. (How funny is it when Lloyd does this to Harry?) Hey, not that I really blame them though—Lauren Holly is way hottt. 

So tell me: Are you a good wingwoman/man? What are the Do's and Don'ts when you're out with friends? And what celeb would you want as a your wing-person?


  1. I am not a good wing-woman. I haven't had to be one in a LONG time but in college I was actually quite bad at it! haha! I guess I am selfish....

  2. I do not understand the "DIBS" thing. It is one thing when you are in high school or college but at this point it shouldn't have to be said. I had a friend about a month ago ask me if I was calling dibs on a guy that I was clearly having a great time with (long story short, he spent the whole afternoon with ME and at the bar gave ME a shoulder rub). It was a question that confused me and I wasn't real sure how to respond. At 26, do I need to call dibs on a guy I would like to pursue on the long term or just the one I want to sleep with tonight (not that it happens anymore)? To avoid drama, I just said no and cut out of the bar early. Now they are "chatting" and I got left in the cold. So yes, apparently I am a good wingwoman.

    Sorry for the mini-rant!

  3. Haha, MHP, I don't believe it!

    Whoa, Berryfine, that is NOT cool. Good for you for avoiding the drama—I don't think most girls would have done the same thing! The dibs/off-limits thing is really tricky. I mean, what if you genuinely like a guy (and he likes you) that your friend had a crush on like two years ago? "Girl code" would say he's off-limits, but reallly? It just doesn't seem fair. The whole thing is so sticky!

  4. ELLEN! i am ashamed for you. asleep at a bar?! i will pretend you "passed out" from crazy binge drinking. not that it's much better, but STILL!

    i like being a wingwoman, i think it's fun to talk to guys and see if they are into your friends. or girls if you are with a group of guys. i don't know what i would do if one of my friends asked me if i was calling dibs on a guy i had been flirting with all night....that just really isn't cool and super awkward.

    sadly, i am even better at cockblocking when gross guys come our way. i will talk to them but at some point i have no problem saying "well it was nice to meet you" although sometimes, if the guy is a stage 5 clinger, i like to use "no thank you" and then walk away. i might not be very nice.

  5. I *like* to think I'm a good wing woman, but man, sometimes I can't rally like I used to. While I've never fallen asleep at the bar, I do sometimes get kind of cranky and whiny at the end of the night. ;)

  6. I'm a good wing woman, I think it's fun to play cupid. ;)

    I LOVE The Sweetest Thing (there's always time for a movie montage) and Dumb & Dumber, such a classic!

  7. Yeah I guess its one thing to call "dibs" at the beginning of the night but after an entire day of he and I flirting, was it necessary to ask? I kind of regret not being ballsy enough to say, "Actually, yes, yes I am calling dibs on this hottie with the great hands!"

  8. I agree, Kim, setting people up is fun—even if the only outcome is a rando makeout sesh one night :)

    Seriously, Berryfine, you should have said something! Did they swap numbers?!