Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'll repay you with meatballs

A few of my friends have done some pretty awesome favors for me recently (you'll find out soon enough what they are), and today I decided to do something to show them my gratitude. 

Remember this awesome old lady from The Wedding Singer who paid Adam Sandler with meatballs for her piano lessons? Well, I decided to take a cue from her, except today I made Puppy Chow. Everyone I know loves Puppy Chow (except my bf, that is), and there aren't many ingredients, so I thought it was the perfect wallet-friendly gift. 

Mmm...PB+chocolate=perfection. First, take 1/2 cup PB, 1 cup chocolate chips and 1/4 butter and melt them together in the microwave for one minute. Then, add one tsp of vanilla extract and stir well.

Pour mixture over 9 cups of Life or Crispix cereal. Next, put everything into a plastic bag and pour 1 1/2 cups of powdered sugar inside. Shake shake shake until the cereal is full coated.

Add M&Ms, and there you have it! It's not the prettiest looking snack in the world (hence the name Puppy Chow), but it's quite addictive! The bonus is that I have leftover cereal and PB—two things I could always use more of. On the downside, I now have chocolate chips and M&Ms hanging out in my freezer, and it's going to be hard to resist them! I of course snuck several bites throughout the day, but I didn't overdo it TOO much. Tonight I'm planning a light chicken and black beans meal for dinner with cup of green tea to balance out my splurge.

I'm now second-guessing my gift. Should I have gone with something a little more refined? And less messy? Plus, by the time the recipients actually get the PC, it might look gnarly and crumbled. Ahhh. 

What little ways do you show your friends appreciation? With meatballs? Puppy Chow? A home-cooked meal, perhaps?


  1. hahha ican't cook to save my life, so usually i just give them a big old hug, or offer them any assistance in the gym. acutally, nowadays i draw pictures for them. very personal.
    is it sad to say i've NEVER had puppy chow?/

  2. Oh my gosh that needs to be in my belly now!!!

  3. What kind of pictures, Trayn? Aren't you multi-talented! It's so funny that the two fitness buffs are digging the Puppy Chow! You should def try it...I'm sure you'd burn off the calories in 5 seconds.

  4. my bf would LOVE that stuff. he has the sweet tooth in the house.

    ways i appreciate my friends...with alcohol. they love it.

  5. Puppy Chow = Crack:)

    Love it but only allow myself it during the holidays...yumballs!

  6. haha i draw them little pictures of stuff they like- like for L i drew her a pretty koi fish. =D

  7. I haven't had puppy chow in ages.

    I recently did a little "Faux bono" work for a woman who insisted that she pay me. So I charged her a really low flat rate (which went to my firm) and then she gave me a free mani pedi (which went to my hands and feet). Now that was nice.

    Making any effort to show you appreciate what someone does is what matters. It's just good, old-fashioned Manners ! So good for you.


  8. True bananas, alcohol really is the best gift. You just can't go wrong.

    Yumballs...Barbara, I'm totally stealing that from you!!

    Ahh, I would LOVE someone to compensate me with a free mani/pedi! That is just as good as money to me. I splurged on a mani yesterday...feeling a little guilty, but I needed a boost, and at least my nails look pretty now :) My toes on the other hand are lookin' waaay gnarly. I need to learn how to be a DIY pro!

  9. Favors are tough. I always feel like I owe them one and they never call in the return favor. Most of the time I take people out for dinner and alcoholic beverages. As for the puppy Chow, that looks good and I want to give it a go. We're about to get snowed in, and i don't think we have the proper ingredients. PS: The wedding singer is pretty much our favorite movie.

  10. ^^ True. I've seen the Wedding Singer well over 100 times.

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